Key features on this subscription model

Always up to date 

While being subscribed, you enjoy the benefits of all the SpeechExec updates. You can simply activate the “automatic update” option in your software and everything is done automatically and transparently.

Compatibility with your IT environment

Regular SpeechExec updates guarantee total compatibility with recent operating systems and the more frequent Microsoft Windows updates.

All of your computers on the same version of SpeechExec 

Switching the licenses to this new model enables you to have a homogenous computer park with the same version of SpeechExec installed on all of your computers.

Your license is now mobile

Your SpeechExec license can now be used on different computers (not simultaneously), so you can for example easily choose to work from your desktop computer or your laptop.

Secured license

Your SpeechExec license is now linked to your e-mail address. This allows you to easily reactivate in case of a crash or computer loss.

Support is made easy

This new license management mode, coupled with regular updates to your SpeechExec software, guarantees a high level of performance.

Cost containment

With the subscription, no unpleasant surprises, all updates, and new features are included.