What does end-of-support mean?

This means that there will be no more updates released for SpeechExec v10 going forward, now more development, and no bug fix or security patches issues for SpeechExec v10. After the 10th November, no dealer or Philips support will be given and all users will be encouraged to move to the latest supported version which is SpeechExec Pro v11 or SpeechLive.

What are my options?

Option 1. Upgrade from SpeechExec v10 to SpeechExec v11. The license model in v11 has changed and is now a two-year subscription license. This ensures that you will always be entitled to all updates and fixes during your two-year term 


Option 2. Switch to SpeechLive. SpeechLive is a Philips cloud dictation and transcription service. You can use locally installed SpeechExec v11 (Dictate or Transcribe) software with a SpeechLive account which will transport and receive audio via the SpeechLive hub. You can also tap into the other services offered by SpeechLive like automated Speech Recognition and Philips's transcription service. SpeechLive licenses run for one year.