Philips Speech Processing has ended all support for SpeechExec version 10 as of the 10th of November 2020. This comes as Windows 10 version 1809 support also ended on the same date, the SpeechExec version 10 having not been designed to work with the latest version of Windows 10 after 1809 (currently 21H1). As Microsoft introduces new feature updates to their operating system, companies (including Philips Speech Processing Solutions) need to update their software to keep up with the changes that Microsoft introduces.  This is why Philips introduced SpeechExec version 11.


With version 10 or older of SpeechExec not being supported any longer, Philips will not revoke the activation on their side when requested. The only way one can use the old product key is if the product key was revoked on the previous or current installation.

Powerhouse Dictation is not in a position to make the decisions on when versions are no longer supported as this is solely done by Philips Speech Processing Solutions.  The only thing that we as a distributor can do is quote you on the new SpeechExec 11 version which is advanced in many ways.

With SpeechExec version 11 onwards, the licenses are valid for 2-years and they are renewed when the expiry date is reached.  One of the benefits of the 2-year license is that within the 2 years, as and when new updates or versions are released, you will receive them automatically.

Furthermore, the licenses are now stored in the cloud, which means that should something happen to your PC, the license is never lost. The software can simply be re-installed and licensed accordingly.  Your Speech-Profile contains your license.  

Another great benefit is that you are able to install the SpeechExec software onto multiple PCs, as long as you are the primary user.